Fishing Rates

Quality matters when it comes to booking a successful trip on Lake Hartwell. As Brian and his crew of Professional Guides Guarantee Fish you will find that your day of fishing will not only be fun but we will work hard to make it exciting.


Type of Charter Current Charter rates
Full Day Trips 6/8 hours or limit of fish – **Fish Guaranteed •1 – 2 people $300.00
Full Day Trips 6/8 hours or limit of fish – **Fish Guaranteed •3 people $350.00
Full Day Trips 6/8 hours or limit of fish – **Fish Guaranteed •4 people $400.00
Instructional Trips – 8 hours hand on class includes Instructional book
Limit 2 people without discussing options with Brian
•$450.00 for all Instructional trips – limit 2 people – exceptions made by Brian, must call for further information


What is a Fish Guarantee?

As a professional striper guide and instructional fisherman I give it my all to make your day of fishing a successful day of catching striper’s on lake hartwell.

Even as a striper guide and professional fisherman there are times that the fish just will not cooperate whether its due to poor weather conditions such as fronts moving in or out or high volumes of traffic in the areas that they feed. As your guide I have taken all this into consideration and feel that if one of these conditions presents its self, then I will be sure to offer you my “fish guarantee”. This guarantee will provide you with another trip at your convince costing you only for the price of bait and gas, it’s like getting two trips for the price of one. It’s my desire and cost effective for me to help you be successful on your first trip out, but I will never let a client leave my boat without the opportunity to have had a great day of striper fishing on lake hartwell during their first trip or the one to come.

** For more information on Fish Guarantee or current fishing conditions contact Brian at 864-367-6398


What To Bring When Fishing Lake Hartwell

  • A camera
  • Good outdoor clothing
  • Rain gear or poncho
  • Food and drinks
  • Cooler and ice to put fish in
  • Your fishing license!!!